Narrowing the brand’s target audience and objective by encouraging the consumer to ‘Cross the winning line’.
CBA Design Project Milo Carre
/ Background

Nestlé Milo is the world’s leading Cocoa Malt Beverage brand. In 2013, CBA was asked to create a consistent global visual identity system for the brand and define a proprietary expression of the brand’s sports territory. The agency created a consistent global brand and packaging design and developed the “Liquid Energy” style as ownable and powerful visual device to communicate on sports in a unique and consistent way.

/ True vision

In 2019, CBA was invited to lead the 5-Senses Workshop which took place in Singapore with the objective to redefine a 5-Senses Action Plan for the upcoming design uplift. The challenge was to clarify the brand architecture as well as to update those brand properties that needed to be modernised: the Activ-Go device, the typographic codes as well as the photographic representation of the product.

CBA Design Project Milo Visuel 6
/ creative expression

For this design uplift, CBA created a new brand architecture with a clear design system for both pillars: one dedicated to the brand’s Mainstream offers, the other dedicated to all product extensions like “Protein Up” or “Plant-Based”. The new brand architecture allowed an improved range navigation and a reinforced variant segmentation. CBA also evolved the Milo benefit story by way of creating a more meaningful Activ-Go device. Furthermore, typographic and photographic cues were modernised for global roll-out in 2020.

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