The Harmonist

A new Perfume House inspired by Feng Shui






CBA imagines the name of the brand The Harmonist and its visual identity with the design of its bottles.
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/ Background

To each fragrance its own harmony

Water, wood, earth, fire and metal are the five fundamental elements of Yin and Yang, from which The Harmonist, a new fragrance house that opened its doors in 2016 in Paris and Los Angeles, got inspired. Feng Shui, an ancestral Chinese art that consists of choosing objects, colors and elements to create a space full of positive energies, now takes the shape of a perfume.

The idea of this first collection imagined by The Harmonist is to take advantage of the fragrant powers of the 5 Earth elements to “stimulate harmony as a real source of beauty.”

As well as the olfactory experience of these precious nectars, it is also the possibility to find a perfume “adapted to your Yin or Yang element, and in phase with your ambitions” that constitutes the fundamental originality of this new perfumer. “For each fragrance, a power of Harmony”.

/ True vision

CBA started to work with the Harmonist from the very beginning, creating the brand name and its visual identity, as well as working on the design of the elixir bottles, and declining its distinctive personality on the packagings of the first perfumes and candle collections.

/ creative expression

To magnify the expression of The Harmonist, CBA imagined black and white refined bottles, inspired by ancient containers of Chinese medicine, and in reference to the Yin and Yang. The use of recyclable materials in the fabrication of the perfume bottles was thought as an evidence, to ensure the harmony between Men and Nature. All of the bottles are refillable, and each is made with an opaque glass that protects the vitality of its precious perfumes.

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