Bye-Bye 2021. On course for 2022!

2021… What to say about this year?

2021 was a year as rich in emotions as a roller coaster. A second year punctuated by the global pandemic, but also and let us not forget, by beautiful moments, beautiful projects, and great rewards. And it is thanks to all these beautiful things, that we did not let ourselves be defeated, because we, what we prefer is to see things on the bright side. Because yes, as much as it may have affected us, we would rather keep from this year, only the positive. Why ? Quite simply because it pushes us to give the best of ourselves, and to be even more passionate, to accomplish great and beautiful things. As we love them.

All we can wish for is that all the positivity that 2021 has brought us, will help us breathe new life into 2022. We have learned, now we are taking actions.

At CBA, we know better than anyone that this new year promises to be colorful. As exciting as it is challenging. But above all, it promises to be memorable since the agency is celebrating its four decades. And yes, 40 years is worth celebrating, right?

CBA, it’s 40 years of brands, meetings, creations, successes and stories. Human stories, passionate and daring, which have given rise to hundreds of achievements and an opening to the world. It is also a story that began in 1982. How about we write the sequel together?

As you will have understood, it is not just a new year that we are celebrating, but 40 years of passion.

That is why, on behalf of CBA, we would like to say THANK YOU. To all of our collaborators around the world, THANK YOU. To all our patners, for your trust, THANK YOU.

Thank you for this year, but also for these last 40 by your side.