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Strategic design of the new visual identity and creation of the graphic narrative for Nestlé EKO, the iconic brand of roasted cereal beverages in Spain.
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Nestlé EKO affiche principale et logo

In line with global consumer trends, Nestlé EKO has decided to build a renewed brand platform and relaunch its image with the aim of positioning itself in a relevant way in its category. CBA Spain accompagnies Nestlé EKO in defining its new commitment to evolve the brand’s visual identity and narrative, building more contemporary codes that reflect its territory of expression basing it on naturalness and wellness.


Based on the new brand purpose “Taking care of yourself starts with self-awareness”, we carried out a collaborative exercise between Nestlé and our strategic team, which allowed us to co-design the visual imagery of the brand: how it should be expressed through the five senses in order to jointly design the visual imagery of the brand.

The starting point for the creation of the new identity, seeking an evolution of its expression towards contemporaneity without losing the essence and credibility that the brand has achieved throughout its history.

Nestlé EKO femme faisant du yoga avec feuille

Balance, calm and harmony are the pillars of the new image. A territory where the naturalness of the movements, the warmth of the shapes and the luminosity of the cereal become the protagonists of the design. The graphic expression represents the emotional link between the brand and its consumers, projecting the benefits of the new positioning through the logo and the iconographic, chromatic and typographic codes developed for the project.

CBA Design Eko 06 EN
CBA Design Eko 11 EN

A visual narrative that chromatically encodes the brand’s communication pillars – awareness, wellness, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and connection with nature – accompanied by versatile and recognisable iconography. A design exercise that efficiently communicates Nestlé EKO’s content at all points of contact with consumers.

The photographic style is also redefined, creating different environments where the connection with nature, wellbeing and harmony reflects the new lifestyle that the brand represents. A new vision that enriches the brand imagery with organic and dynamic shapes configured from the iconicity of the new logo.

CBA Design EKO 18

The result is a new identity with which Nestlé EKO takes on a key role in the representation of conscious wellness. An invitation to find the perfect balance between body and mind to be calm and in harmony with everything around us.