Women4: CBA joins Gi Group to champion women’s employability

There are no men’s or women’s jobs, only opportunities to be taken.

Women don’t do night shifts.
Women don’t drive trucks.
Areas like logistics and road transportation are unsuitable for women.

How many times have you heard words like these before? How many times has women’s employability been subject to cliches, prejudices and even downright discrimination?

Gi Group has chosen to tackle a crucial issue for the labour market directly and concretely. Italy’s first staffing multinational firm has launched a project to raise awareness across companies, institutions and workers with a concrete goal: the promotion of women’s employability.

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Women4, online from the beginning of 2022, aims to dispel the false myths that affect women’s workplaces and to offer them positions in traditionally male-dominated sectors.

The project is part of Gi Group’s daily commitment to sustainable work: CBA supported the firm in developing the brand identity, designing the concept behind the communication and creating the website.

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The initiative is set to be a concrete response to the needs of an ever-changing labour market. Having a solid grasp of the context, The Group is evolving their offer while keeping its eyes on technological innovations and the needs of the younger generations. 

Over the years, CBA has partnered with Gi Group on numerous initiatives, contributing strategically and operatively to the firm’s branding, communication and design. The projects ranged from the involvement of Generation Z gamers in Good Game to Destination Work, a Corporate Social Responsibility project combining digital meetings with in-branch meetings.  

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In the coming months, Women4 will partner with numerous companies from different sectors, becoming increasingly central to the positioning strategy of the Gi Group brand. This project will fully concretise the firm’s core values: competence, simplicity and humanity as the key ingredients to guarantee the best professional opportunities for men and women alike.