Masters of hops

Business needs



Designing the new bottle of Birrificio Angelo Poretti to reinforce its presence and uniqueness on the shelf while highlighting the brand’s attributes.

In this increasingly crowded sector, large and historic breweries are no longer the only leading force, with newer and smaller productions making their way in the field. Considering this context, elements such as colour, bottle shape and label design significantly impact product perception, decisively influencing consumer choice.

bottiglia poretti before after_wide

We teamed up with Birrificio Angelo Poretti to face a specific challenge: merging the brand’s main assets into the design of the new bottle. Central to the project was the expert ingredient selection, the importance of hops and the long history of craftsmanship and innovation, which began in 1877.


The new bottle has a more cylindrical body than the previous version, making it easier to grip. The new look draws inspiration from the iconic boiling vats and replicates their shape in the curvature of the bottle shoulder. The embossed hops embrace the upper part and, with the inscription “Masters of Hops” at the base, communicate the heritage of Birrificio Angelo Poretti.


The bottle, which debuted in the retail world, represents a step forward for the brand towards its consolidation as producer that makes its tradition and selection of ingredients as its strong points.