Strategy Intern

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We are looking for an intern driven by curiosity, strategic thinking and willing to work collaboratively to create unique solutions to challenges presented by large clients, related to branding, innovation and research, in Brazil and Latin America.



  • Interface with internal strategy team for support, development and monitoring of branding, innovation and research projects.
  • Support for analysis of customer materials, market competitors and local and global trends.
  • Support for development of content for workshops and online sessions with clients.
  • Support for analysis development, solution creation and strategic recommendations to customers.

Skills and knowledge.


  • Curiosity to learn and share, continuously.
  • Good communication and resourcefulness for collaborative work, in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Proactivity, commitment and responsibility.
  • Desirable computer skills in Teams, Excel, Keynote and PowerPoint.
  • Proficient in Portuguese and English (Spanish desirable).