Deciphering meat consumers




New shop identity and layout facilitating the buyer’s journey

It is a tradition to visit the meat section in Angeloni supermarkets, which offers an assortment equivalent to the best butcher’s shops, from low-cost meats to the most expensive cuts, such as premium and import meats. However, this specialty was not visible to the customers, regarded as a regular supermarket’s meat section.

Feeling the need to be recognized as a premium butcher’s, the supermarket chain asked us to help convey the value proposition of its meat section, organizing and directing the assortment display.

Incidence and transaction

First of all, we believed that Angeloni Meats value proposition should consider raising incidence – increasing meat consumers frequency and capturing new ones; but not only that: the transaction should also be improved – increasing consumption by broadening the range of products and building an emotional connection between the buyer and the section.

The solution offered by CBA B+G to leverage sales of one of the shop’s most important sections, covered different fronts. First, our team conducted several shop-alongs to understand the current status of the meat section and make a situation analysis.

Then, we carried out a deeper analysis to understand the consumer behavior through a behavioral approach. We worked together with a psychologist to understand the consumer buying behavior towards meat products. We analyzed facial expressions and attitudes to identify consumer-product relationships.

A deeper study allowed for a customer profiling and segmentation. We identified three different meat-consumer profiles and their emotional drivers. This key study helped us to identify opportunities, from how to attract and encourage consumers to the development of the stores’ layout.

We also looked into the consumer purchase journey, understanding their consumption moments and plans. Finally, with the help of a behavioral psychologist, we studied consumer’s facial expressions and attitudes to identify how they relate to the product.

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Value proposition

Following the analysis, we decided on the values that sustain the meat sector.

Promoting theses values, the Angeloni chain could capture consumer’s attention and establish an emotional connection with different consumer profiles.

After studying the situation and the consumer we were able to create a new visual identity, which was the basis for the layout organization, divided into areas – Chilled products, Butcher’s Counter and Frozen products. Moreover, the areas should be improved, considering decor and service, as well as meat classification – by type, price, cut and brand.

The organization included the layout and identification of structures and products on the assistance counter and self-service counter, in-store promotional environment, purchase offers, trays, planogram, shelf placement, as well as identification of the shopper flow and experience.

The new strategy for Angeloni Meat section was designed in a simple but deep framework in order to improve sales, and what’s best: based on consumer segmentation.

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