Nazca Cosméticos

Every bath an adventure




New line of children toiletries stimulates creativity through storytelling.

Nazca Cosméticos is a Cosmetic, Fragrance & Toiletry brand known for its innovative and casual personality as well as for the creative concept of its products. For the launch of its new line of children toiletries, the challenge was to devise something different to keep ahead of competitors – who usually choose straightforward themes for the bath time – and above all, something that held a relevant and powerful appeal to children.

As old partners in many other projects, we were asked to develop the visual identity, name and packaging of the company’s new line.

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Magical beings

To get to the concept of the new line we immersed in the category of children products and studied the territories prospected by the brand.

Our biggest challenge was to define the storyline to apply to the concept: a theme that would look authentic and genuine for the children targeted. We decided upon a magic world, with mystical beings such as dragons, fairies and wizards since they are timeless and known by all generations, connecting children with theirs parents and arising the little one’s curiosity.

For the name, we looked for a word that would be easily pronounced throughout Brazil, sounding fun and clear for the kids. Once the name was set, we began to develop the ‘look and feel’ of the new identity. We decided to create a unique universe, with its own story, for each of the line packages.

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cba latam grupykids single 8 2400x1600

Spinning world

The 360° design of the package was conceived to illustrate the concept of a spinning world, to spark the child’s imagination during bath time and to connect children and parents. The packaging format chosen, with round shapes, stands out from the competitors’ and is also easier to grip, an important feature during bath time.

Creativity and innovation, characteristics of the brand, set the tone for the illustrations, always showing two different characters in a magical scenery, so children can invent a new and exciting adventure at every bath.

This project won one of the seven awards we have earned in the Brasil Design Award 2019, a homage promoted since 2009 by ABEDESIGN (Brazilian Association of Design Companies) to acknowledge and highlight the creative and innovative capacity of design in the national economy. We won bronze in the ‘Packaging Design’ category, subcategory ‘Cosmetics’.

The project also won one of the three prizes we have received at the 19th edition of the ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award, whose main objective is to choose the packages that stand out as icons of excellence in quality, technology, design, functionality, sustainability and innovation. Origem Grupy Kids won bronze in the category ‘Graphic Design / Cosmetic, Fragrance & Toiletry’.







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