LAM: Partner in life




New positioning and visual identity highlighting healthcare and innovation

Founded in 1983 in the Dominican Republic, LAM (Laboratorio de Aplicaciones Médicas) is a pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in the Dominican Market. Owner of a diverse portfolio containing more than 600 medicinal products, LAM felt the need to refresh the corporate brand image to convey modernity, strength and relevance and stand out from competition.

Putting welfare first

To face the challenge of redesigning the brand we carried out an exploratory research journey, first trying to understand the company’s track record, the present positioning and the future aims of growth and internationalization. We studied the target, the competitors and the pharmaceutical sector in the country to deepen our understanding of the category and its visual codes.

Following the first research stage we analyzed the pillars of the brand – whose fundamental value is the employees and consumers welfare, and developed a unique and meaningful value enhancing proposition, aiming the target audience. A proposition that reflects the recognition of LAM’s experience, reliability and humane orientation.

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Science and Life

The strategic path considered a change of direction: from a Dominican company with international reach to a global company with Dominican roots and identity. In addition, we decided to capitalize on the perceived quality of LAM’s products and care & protection values. Trust, modernization and internationalization set the tone.

The next step was to create a new brand identity, combining emotional values (related to the feelings of healthcare and trust inspired by the brand) and scientific values (technology and innovation). The combination of blue and green colors represents this connection of Science and Life – blue for Medicine and Technology; green for LAM: healthcare, trust, future.

The company logo was updated following those principles and the new graphic and visual system was compiled into a comprehensive Brand Book with guidelines for use in packaging, point-of-sales displays, offices and plants signages.

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In 2020, we redesigned the antibacterial gel Manitas Limpias, which, despite being the leader of the category, focuses on differentiation to enhance its personality. The project involved redefining the brand territory, creating a new logo and refreshing its entire design system, paving the way for future innovations on the company’s products portfolio.

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