MTV Music Hack: Connecting through music




Strategic support and musical content to inspire new partnerships and actions with advertisers.

To reinforce its leadership as a music expert, MTV hacked the world of music in a co-creation Project involving studies and surveys with its audience and music specialists.
The outcome was a platform that helps brands explore the music world as a way to connect to its audience – the MTV Music Hack.

We not only helped with the extensive strategic work of developing the platform (we carried on surveys and hacklabs about music platforms with music specialists, producers and beat makers in our hubs in São Paulo), but we also created the information material – an inspirational and strategic support guide for advertisers who wish to create music projects in partnership with the company.

cba latam mtv single 1 2400x1600

We developed the concept, content and design of the catalogue, which is totally inspired by the music world. Alluding to a DJ pick up, the material is divided into 4 discs – each one representing a trend that has been impacting the musical world (involvement, customization, interactivity and surprise) which, combined with a musical experience, works as inspiration for new actions from MTV and its partners.

MTV Music Hack is an excellent job example where strategy, studies and labs evolve into a real and valuable product for the client – and in this case, for the client’s partners as well.

This project won the 2nd Abigraf SP Award (Brazilian Printing Industry Association), a prize we have won three times in the category of Best Design and Innovation. MTV Music Hack was awarded for the ‘Catalogue/brochure –visual concept and design of catalogue for clients’.




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