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A new positioning to reflect the company’s evolution

Nourishing people’s wellness. Premex’s purpose itself points how big the challenge of the brand’s communication and positioning is.

Premex is a company that develops specialized services in animal health, creating pre-mixes for herds that influence animal and human nutrition.

Originally from Colombia and initially focused on animal supplements, the business evolved in such a way that it went beyond its country, operations and impact. It was then necessary, in order to keep its performance, not only an identity project, but a broader work of branding strategy to carry on with activities, this time with global presence and relevance.

A challenge that quite fits the taste of CBA B+G, which immediately embarked on the journey of reshaping Premex’s positioning.

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Brand architecture and value proposition

The initial challenge was modernizing the brand and making it global, with the intent to demonstrate, through its positioning, the worldwide reach of its operations and the impact of such a business in people’s life and the environment.

We started off from the brand architecture. For a successful branding, we needed to identify the company’s segments and then build the whole picture of its products and services provision.

Our staff spent weeks in Colombia in a deep exploration work, interviewing several people in the company. This step helped us on understanding Premex’s pillars, its business lines, the internal and external brands, all of its portfolio elements that play a fundamental role on building the brand’s value proposition.

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Refining the essence

With what we learned from the exploratory research, the interviews and from analyzing the internal environment and the competitors, the next step was to jointly design the company’s DNA with its staff. Such a work deeply affected the strategy of the products’ portfolio, since the pillars and the unique value proposition had already been outlined. This enabled us to refine the brand’s essence and led us to its expressions.

Identity: a mix of the brand’s values

As of the essence and its expressions, we outlined the paths to Premex’s visual identity.

From analyzing the existing brand to the new one, we suggested what were the elements to remain, other ones to be updated, some to be eliminated and mostly the ones to be incorporated in order to transmit its purpose and express its personality.

Relationship, care (well-being) & technology and innovation (nutrients blend) were the pillars that defined the visual territory, demonstrated by the ‘X’ in the visual identity.

We also developed the guidelines for communicating the corporate brand, the rules for applying the new identity to the products and the company’s physical rooms and internal environment.

With its positioning and branding strategy revitalized, Premex was able to highlight its energy and intention of constant movement, making clear that it is ready to create new solutions and keep up with its evolution.




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