How we are managing the crisis

Inspired by our purpose, we created several fronts of action

Since March 15 we cannot stop thinking about the impact of Covid-19. From then on, we have been focusing our efforts on rethinking CBA B+G’s role during this crisis towards society, clients and employees. Inspired by our purpose, we have organized five fronts of action:

A.tActivate #galeraquefaz (Folks That Do)
B.tBoost the transformation
C.tPrepare for the ‘new normal’
D.tSupport work from home
E.t Cheer up the team

A. Activate #galeraquefaz

We have decided to offer, during the quarantine period, part of our work force to help with solutions to mitigate the impact of Covid-19 on the population. We organized the team into squads composed of volunteers and, through our work methodology of 2-week sprints, we set ourselves to solve problems using similar processes as the ones carried out with our clients, connecting to partner organizations such as charity entities, community leaderships, among others, as well as leading other projects conceived during the crisis, chosen according to urgency and major social impact criteria.

We are on the third week of sprints and initiatives such as ‘Trampo em Casa’ (Work From Home), ‘Quarentena sem fome’ (Hunger-free Quarantine), ‘EPI para todos’ (IPE For All) and ‘Ligado na quebrada’ (‘Tuned In With The Hood’) are underway. The latter, which was delivered to the Union of Centers and Associations of Heliópolis and Region Residents (UNAS), is a quick implementable communication model to raise awareness of the dangers of the new coronavirus, speaking with the favela residents in a simple and direct language.

The key objective of those initiatives is to help groups of people and communities that are more vulnerable to the health and economic crisis triggered by Covid-19, by sharing positive energy and the know-how and skills of our staff through squads and mentoring.

B. Boost the transformation

To ensure the progress of current projects and the start of new jobs, we readjusted, improved and developed new work methodologies, including research and social listening, collaborative execution, co-creation, distance workshop, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

These methods provided us with the impetus to persist with the movement, mitigate business impact and successfully finalize major projects even during lockdown, using almost exclusively these new techniques. Part of this result can be seen in recent deliveries to some of our main clients such as Nestlé KitKat and Nazca.

C. Prepare for the ‘new normal’

After the pandemic slows down, we will eventually face a so forecasted new world whose needs and behavior will change significantly. Examples of these changes can already be seen, such as the ‘no-contact e-commerce’, the reconsideration about what is really necessary in terms of consumption and the ‘forced’ digital transformation that many people and companies had to go through, which will definitely change the forms of interaction, work methods and – most importantly – the realization of the value of time and its division into what is immediately vital and what has to be spared for later.

We have implemented a monitoring project combining social listening and artificial intelligence, supported by research tools and an applied, grounded future studies’ view, to analyze the vectors of these behavior changes that will be of utmost importance for future innovation and branding projects. And will certainly make a difference to redefine companies of all sizes and segments after Covid-19.

D. Support work from home

With the team in lockdown, we analyzed each individual case to ease the pressure and ensure people’s health and the good progress of projects. We started by providing equipment and guidance from our IT, HR and maintenance teams. We monitored the whole transfer flow from the office to the employees’ homes – from servers and file repositories to the chair logistics in order to ensure ergonomics.

E. Cheer up the team

To watch over our employees’ mental health and immunity we have adapted our internal communication during the quarantine period – the monthly newsletters are now released weekly and we have created a light section ‘Pílulas de gravidade zero’ (Zero-gravity Pills) with suggestions of common interest such as playlists, educational articles, entertainment tips and information.

Actions that used to unite the whole team and provide interaction, such as #PetDayatHome, that used to happen every last Thursday of the month, is still happening, however online, and now open to any pet, not only dogs. We have also created new actions, such as the joint online lunch, that encourages other relaxing and spontaneous meetings among the team.

Through our continuing partnership with the startup Cuidas, our employees can contact a specialist team if they have a medical question, including in the areas of mental health care and well-being. Moreover, now, more than ever, the area leaders are working closer with HR, assessing and analyzing the needs of the team in a case-by-case approach. All of that so that we manage to, even from a distance, feel close, protected, united and strong during the tough months of the crisis and surely beyond it.

Our intention is to continue promoting change together; therefore, we need to keep healthy and active. For better days!



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