Branding for a new reality

A playbook to help understand the future challenges, capturing the present opportunities

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Among the countless learnings that the year of 2020 has promoted, the greatest might be the realization that we are ever-changing. Facing an ongoing pandemic, looking back at the reality we were used to live, there’s no denying that a lot has changed and won’t be the same again. The needs we used to judge most important have now exchanged positions in the priority pyramid.

The branding projects we deal with are increasingly complex, since brands are continually developing in metamorphic environments, driven by generational and technological changes which reshape needs and foster the adoption of new consumer habits.

Therefore, our approach has always searched for solutions that consider different factors, in order to create a meaningful connection among three key viewpoints: the power of the brand, the market segment in which it is inserted and the people’s needs that relate to both.

The model is still extremely relevant. However, the pandemic has drastically changed people’s habits and needs, breaking or weakening the bonds that used to link these three elements, jeopardizing many businesses’ future prospects. Suddenly, brands, consumers and market found themselves in separate worlds, further apart and without the support of the previously possible interfaces.

The new challenge faced is: how can we reconnect brands, consumers and markets – these three key business spheres – watching out for the present and yet being able to identify new opportunities?

Branding for the future

The key to reconnect these three elements is the brand itself, standing as a powerful asset, responsible for guiding the companies’ relations with its numerous connections. As we see it, now more than ever, brands have the opportunity (and urge) to create networks that are capable of reconnecting the triad: customer, brand and market, in a unique way, for a new context. And how is it done?

To contribute to the answer, we have developed the playbook – Branding for the future – where we suggest straightforward questionings based on the understanding that the brand has to redesign the engagement strategy with individuals and markets based on four perspectives:

  • Reframe and bring the purpose into focus.
  • Recreate the strategy to reach the target consumer, opening true and relevant dialogues.
  • Redesign its ecosystem to build strong communities.
  • Rethink its offer beyond the core, to meet the new needs.

The objective of this playbook is to help large and small businesses to envision their brands under a new perspective, identifying new opportunities in the face of the new unfolding scenario.

A guide for everyone that shares the same interest about what the future holds for today brands.

Click on the link below and download the full playbook:



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