Experimental Innovation

A mapping of how companies are dealing with their business challenges in the era of exponential economy and sustainable business.

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A philosopher already said: ‘There is nothing permanent, except change’. Indeed, the perpetual motion rules everything, and businesses must face this principle the whole time. As everybody knows (and can experience), it is challenging to embrace change and innovation and, nowadays, when economic and social aspects are being revisited, innovation demands our attention, more than ever.

Bearing these aches and pains in mind, we, from CBA B+G, talked to the clients. We surveyed executives from different segments, from more than 100 companies, about the attitudes and methods they were using to promote innovation in a smoother and more collaborative way.

From all the learnings, maybe the greatest finding was that nowadays, the biggest differential is to invest more in human values, such as user experience, brand purpose, and business sustainability. This would be the key to build a powerful strategy to create tangible and feasible products and services.

So, in this new context, a new approach to innovation is essential. Based on a careful analysis and with a more humane and agile look, we propose the Experimental Innovation concept: a process that combines strategy and execution synchronously, with the mantra ‘we do while thinking and refining’. A set of behaviors and processes that a company should adopt to achieve sustainable innovations. Through factor analysis we have mapped 54 ways of working and have divided them into five drivers. Check which are they and start using experimental practices to innovate and successfully address your business challenges.

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