INSPIRE: Activism

To keep up with the movements of design, branding, innovation, and research, we have put together a few tips from our team

This month we want to inspire you with contents that speak about activism

Brands & Activism

  • We recommend the interview with Patagonia President and CEO Rose Marcaria (in english), for Stanford students;
  • We enjoyed the TEDx Talk with the Brazilian publicist Arthur Scartazzini, explaining that communication is one of the fundamental tools that can change the world;
  • Also, take a look at this great article that speaks about how important it is for brands to take risks , written by brand strategist Jasmine Bina.
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Citizens & Activism

  • Put on your headset and listen to the episode Ativismo nos dias atuais (Today’s activism), from the podcast ‘O Tempo Virou’ by Giovanna Nader, with the social activist Alessandra Orofino as her guest speaker;
  • Learn more about Marielle with the documentary As duas tragédias de Marielle Franco (The two tragedies of Marielle Franco), which shows a little about her journey till her tragic unsolved murder, three years ago.
  • Watch this documentary film from Vice about teenage Greta, the most famous environmental activist at present.
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