To remember and sigh dreamily: 5 casual games that were popular in the last decade

Nowadays we can say that everyone plays video games. Wait a minute… everyone? Yes! In addition to committed hardcore gamers, there are several profiles of casual gamers. Even your mom who plays Candy Crush is a gamer!

The casual mode of video game conquers a wide target audience both for the simplicity of the proposals and for the high chance of going viral: from Tetris to Angry Birds, it is difficult to resist the fever that these games cause.

Here’s a # TBT of 5 casual games that have rocked the internet in the last decade. Remember them?


Try to control yourself

The task: make the dummy walk forward without falling. The problem: the movement of his legs is coordinated by 4 different buttons. The game boomed for being almost impossible to play, yielding hilarious moments for anyone trying to keep the dummy standing. Funny to some, appalling to others. Its creator, Bennett Foddy, reported receiving many hate messages for having created the game.

Flappy Bird

Fly, little bird

In 2014, Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen was taken aback! His game, released almost a year before and born from the remains of a canceled project, suddenly became the most downloaded in all app stores. The game, a simple side-scroller in which the user must control a bird dodging obstacles, has reached a profit of 50 thousand dollars a day at its peak. The success was so huge that in no time, not only the original game was among the most downloaded, but also its dozens of imitations.

Cookie Clicker

For the bakers on duty

The premise of the game is quite simple: generate cookies from clicks. What started out as a game for the bored today has a universe so complex that it even has its own encyclopedia; from enslavement of grannies to interplanetary voyages, nothing should stand between the players and their goal of having more and more cookies!

Temple Run

Run, Indiana, run

In this game, the explorer must escape from monsters that chase him after he obtained an ancient relic. Sound familiar? Its success has yielded some spin-offs, a board game and even a promise of film adaptation.

Among Us

So who was it?

In 2018, almost every internet meme was about it: a multiplayer game in which the crew of a spaceship must find out who, among them, is the impostor. Its popularity was largely due to Brazilian and Korean streamers who played the game live on Twitch. Even Guilherme Boulos played live!