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To keep up with the movements of design, branding, innovation, and research, we have put together a few tips from our team

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Nutrition for the mind, food for thought. We have asked the members of our team what is currently shaping their minds, what they are reading, listening to or studying to stay connected with the market movements.

Trend reports

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“The Mom test”, by Rob Fitzpatrick
Asking the right questions, avoiding biased feedbacks and misunderstandings. The book helps to understand survey as a tool to validate business ideas. This website has it all.

“Building a story brand”, by Donald Miller
Branding, storytelling, simplifying the message? This book speaks about universal and powerful elements to tell a story. Learn more in this link.

Ailton Krenak and “Ideas to postpone the end of the world”
The book is an adaptation of two speeches given by the indigenous leader in Portugal in the years 2017 and 2019. He criticizes the idea of mankind as something separate from nature. Download the book here.

“Tomorrow is not on sale”
Another book by Krenak, this one about the pandemic that has stopped the world. Download here.

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Bompas & Parr, a multi-sensory experience design Studio based in London, gathers different and interesting reports about design and branding trends. We have selected two of their studies here:

Fluid Landscapes and Imminent Future of Food 2020.


Clear Purpose Global
A network which defines itself as a leadership accelerator. It presents processes that help leaders, entrepreneurs, and agents of change to structure thoughts, develop vision and create impact with a clear purpose. On their website you can learn more; to listen to the podcasts, click here.



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