New CBA B+G Office in Lima

Strengthening our presence in Latin America

As you know, CBA B+G is part of CBA global network, and the unit in São Paulo serves clients from Latin America and Caribbean. However, not everyone knows that in June 2020 we set up a new LatAm office – CBA B+G Lima.

We are delighted with the new opening. The launching of a second agency in the region was not incidental. CBA B+G has been developing successful projects with important historical brands for the Peruvian market for many years, and since day one, we fell in love with Lima, Peru, and its people. The decision to open a new office in the country was a natural move, to reinforce our commitment to be closer to the Peruvian market and consumers.


Alejandra Ramírez-Gastón Canseco, who was our first client in Peru, will join us in this new adventure. Her passion for branding, design, innovation, and consumer understanding makes her our perfect partner. Alejandra will be our Country Director and assist the Peruvian and Bolivian markets.

To celebrate the good news, we have selected some cases that were developed for these markets, such as the redesign of Sublime, the new portfolio architecture of Mabel’s and the modernization of Alaska, Pezi Duri and Frio Rico brands, in addition to some joint achievements in the Effie Awards Peru.

We live transformation and keep on the move, always looking for opportunities to learn and to get closer to our clients’ needs.

Meet our new Country Director Perú & Bolivia

What is your experience with CBA B+G?

As a client, I fell in love with CBA B+G since I started to work with them in 2015. It is a global agency that understands the details of your brand’s problems and delivers timely high quality solutions. Moreover, they were close and caring work partners. Since then, I have heartily recommended CBA B+G’s work to other colleagues in Marketing, because I really trust their work.

Who would imagine that, 5 years later, I would join CBA B+G’s team to lead the big challenge of opening a second office in Latin America, and here in Lima!

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What makes you believe that CBA B+G can succeed in the Peruvian and Bolivian markets?

It is a global agency, founded in Paris, with more than 35 years of history. It has more than 12 offices worldwide and invaluable regional and local experience.

It is a full strategic partner, joining 4 expertises: Branding, design, innovation, research. This allows for a holistic view, a deep consumer knowledge and, especially, creates synergy among the disciplines, increasing exponentially the friendliness of the process and its successful results. “Less briefings and alignments between agencies, more agility and assertiveness”.

The office in Lima will enhance local strategic and creative power, but nevertheless will remain continually connected to CBA offices worldwide.

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How has COVID affected CBA B+G’s work?

The confinement was our new moment ultimate test, when we proved that the integration processes, exchange of experiences, use of tools such as artificial intelligence and social listening as well as application of research and innovation techniques remotely, could be effective.

Nos vemos en Lima!



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