When our knowledge serves missions and helps communities

Robust research and technical quality are the way to help the NGO that works for social and educational inclusion

In these times of crisis, at CBA B+G we create different fronts of action that seek to minimize the impact of the pandemic on society. One of the initiatives is characterized by the donation made by our staff, in which its members organize and develop voluntary projects. The most recent one was delivered to Jaguaré Caminhos Social Program of the Congregation of Santa Cruz, an institution that serves children and teenagers from Vila Nova Jaguaré Community, in Sao Paulo.

Due to the pandemic, the institution felt that it was necessary to get to know the families of those served in its 6 units, with the aim of understanding the real situation they lived in and their vulnerabilities. Thus, it could not only offer inclusive activities in tune with the current reality, but also have a more accurate orientation for future recruitment.

The question posed to our team was of a practical nature: How can our knowledge help the NGO Jaguaré in its mission of educational and vocational inclusion for people in situations of social vulnerability? Through research. Quantitative research. The NGO would need to know its audience in depth (a total of over 2000 people, including family members and those served) in order to continue its development and social inclusion activities.

Demographic, income, work, health and other data were chosen and analyzed by our team. Besides doing an in-depth study of the community, the research gave us the chance to create a map of opportunities for support actions in the short and medium term, a plan that includes actions in the financial, social, educational and health fields. The task also includes recommendations on how to integrate the research results into the current strategy.

The whole CBA B+G team feels represented by the professionals involved in the project and are honored to contribute to the progress of more than 500 families. Our motto ‘take the best you have and throw it into someone else’s world’ makes more sense than ever.



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