/ Context & Challenge

Create a new brand that would win the hearts of Russian mums and kids.

2019 was a very important year in Russia for Kellogg’s with two major product launches. The first was the rebranding of an iconic Russian cookies brand and the second, our project, was the launch of a new product for the kids ready to eat segment. This kids breakfast segment was until there dominated by competitors like Nestle in the Russian market. In order to fill this blank spot in their portfolio, Kellogg’s Russia decided to create « Dinosaurs ».

/ Deep Insights

Children of all ages love cookies and dry breakfast, and their parents in most cases approve their children’s choice.

Dino 2
Dino 7

Audience pays high attention to details, that have influence on personality perception.

After a series of tests we realised it appeared that real-looking (3D) options are clearly preferred over 2D. 2D graphics is assessed as quite strange, not clear, either childish ‘drawn by kid’ or more teen/comic by majority.

For the face expression, we paid attention to eyes so they looked playful and engaging. The smile had to be very expressive too with visible teeth yet sweet and kind.

As for the body parts, we kept the size of paws and tail close to reality.

We created attractive, unique, catchy and not childish heroes. They are perceived to be kind, curious, funny but at the same time relevantly ‘no so perfect’ or childish. Even mischievous in a good way.

We named our main T-rex hero : Dino Zavrik (ДИНО Заврик).

We found that the name had to be in Russian, specially for 5-6 yo audience.

He lives as a family member (like Paddington Bear, Alf) with family with kids, he’s NOT a pet.

He is friendly, independent and creative leader, who can keep himself busy and attract kids by what he is doing, so they ask to join him and always say YES!

Dino 5
Dino 6
Dino 8
Dino 9

CBA agency staff did an excellent job according to the brief and created a new brand from scratch, incredibly appealing characters for children and understood how to “fit” this format in the cereal area, which is dominated by a major market player, as well as in the biscuit department, which is very difficult to navigate and dominated by several strong international brands. I would also like to mention the speed of the agency.

DINO 11401140 realisations miniature

Anne-charlotte roumier

Marketting Director Kellogg's Russia