Moscow City

Football Club






Football in Russia is the main sport in the country, with Hockey. The Russian football championship is followed every weeks by millions of fans within the country. The Russian football professional world is divided in 3 main divisions.

The main audience for the project is a man, not from Moscow originally, but who is leaving in Moscow and doesn’t recognize himself in the main clubs already existing in the city : Spartak, Dynamo, Lokomotiv, CSKA and Torpedo.

Creating a new football club

In a city with so many clubs, we have to pick a neighbourhood that was not represented by the other clubs. After studying the fan map of Moscow football clubs, we understood that the new area of Moscow City was not affiliated to any clubs. Therefore the new club should reflect this new neighborhood of the city. New neighborhood and new comers in town, we assumed it would be a good start for creating the name of the club amd its future identity.

FKMC Case identity2

Moscow already has 5 major clubs with strong history and identity. The challenge was to create from scrath a strong, bold, impactful identity that will federate people.

There are no stronger symbol than Moscow itself which we represented by the combination of the letter « M » and the typical stalinian architecture.

As for the colors, the yellow black and white combo appeared obvious for two reasons. First it was the color of old Russian empire and the Kremlin was originally gold and not red. Second, it is radically different from the city other clubs.

FKMC Case identity6
FKMC Case identity5
FKMC Case identity10
FKMC Case identity11