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Design Director is one of the most senior creative roles at CBA Design and the position where the Creative directors of the future are molded. This is a responsible role, as Design Director, you will be accountable for design quality of CBA Asia.

Skills and Experience.

  • Experience in major branding consultancies working on high profile clients on a variety of branding issues.
  • Design skills and aesthetics should be a given.
  • Developing and promoting good aesthetics in typographic sensitivity and all other brand basic elements
  • Using the briefing tool and attending, preparing and creating brainstorm sessions to fast track projects.
  • Clarity of thinking, delegation, effective use of other design staff and resource.
  • Pushing hard for creative solutions that become leading examples of branding.
  • Strong understanding of Brand Architecture and the wider world of design beyond packaging.
  • Having a high energy drive, being helpful and offering lots of encouragement – a joy to work with.
  • Being open, articulate, passionate and clear on what s/he is delivering.

Working with Clients.

  • Holding a number of clients directly as the main creative lead.
    Acting as the lead client-facing creative from CBA Asia
    Balancing the needs of a happy client with achieving leading creative work.
  • Listening carefully to clients and developing the client relationship.
  • Leading the presentation of creative work to the client in a clear compelling and inspiring way, demonstrating polished and articulate presentation skills.

Quality of Work.

  • Aesthetics of work should never be in question at this level – a primary focus will be quality and clarity of thinking and ability to articulate this to the client in a compelling way.
  • Leading others in terms of the brand idea creation and direction, taking responsibility for projects s/he owns creatively and ensuring delivery on the end deliverables.
  • Building good cross-working relationships with the Consulting and Client Management teams and maintaining a shared responsibility for the overall quality of project output, leading by example.
  • Demonstrating excellent quality of mark making and design vocabulary of work. Conceptually searching for a great idea that can drive the brand, concentrating on benchmarking ideas against the leading brands in the sector and developing ideas to create standout and differentiation against those leading brands.

Efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Having a financial understanding of what time and deliverables are required for each stage of a program, in order to manage his/her own time and that of others. Liaising with the Client Management team to achieve this.
  • Using tight design direction and insightful briefings using other brand benchmarks. Checking the project is run efficiently in terms of : his/her own time, as well as the Studio, Freelance and Artwork time.

People Development.

  • Responsible for mentoring and educating other members of the team, particularly in aesthetics and brand idea creation.
  • Playing an active and lead role in studio training.

If you are interested, please send your CV to Marion Micoud 
Email:  [email protected]