Senior Account Manager

/ ExpertiseS

/ Contract

/ Start date


  • Understanding of brand issues and objectives
  • Knowledge of the graphic system and organisation
  • Commercial sense, interpersonal skills
  • Open-mindedness
  • Reporting capacity, autonomy
  • Corporate culture
  • Flexibility


  • Is the daily contact for the customer, ensures all the functions relating to the management of projects on
    a day-to-day basis.
  • Coordinate the various stakeholders
  • Make every effort to achieve customer requests, respecting the internal organization of the agency and
    the objectives set, in particular profitability.
  • Is in charge of the administrative management of budgets under the control of his/her superior.
  • Ensures the regular transmission of information to his supervisor.


  • Help with the realization of creative briefs (audit, benchmark, synthesis) under the control of
    his/her superior.
  • Create the estimates of the projects for which he/she is responsible, and have them validated
    before sending.
  • Prepare methodology and budget frameworks for global and major projects.
  • Prepares and validates the retroplanning of the project, he/she guarantees the respect of
    these timings.
  • Organizes itself to be available to its customers on a daily basis, by ensuring regular meetings
    and telephone interviews. (The email is used to confirm and take note).
  • Manages external purchases (negotiation of suppliers, issuance of purchase orders, validation
    of supplier invoices)*
  • Save quotes under system and depending client mananges Ariba (Unilever)
  • Prepare the invoicing, and submit it to his/her manager.
  • Ensures the proper transmission of information between the various stakeholders; carries out
    written reports of customer meetings, telephone appointments, internal meetings if necessary.
  • Initiate and prepare the meetings necessary for the smooth running of the project:
    > client meetings: confirms appointments, reserves rooms and cars, checks and ensures the
    quality of presentation material.
    > art purchasing meetings: organizes and attends meetings with the CD in charge of the
    project and draws up reports.
    > technical meetings: organize and assist with production managers and production
    stakeholders: execution studio, photoengraver, printer and send the written report by the
    production manager
  • Shooting
    > Negotiates and validates the choice, availability, price of the photographer and the stylist
    with the CD responsible for the project.
    > Attends the shooting and manages the logistics (meals).
    > Attend the briefs of photographers, stylists and illustrators to ensure the proper
    transmission and understanding of the brief.
  • Production
    > Prepare the execution brief and follow the realization of the technical documents in
    collaboration with a production project manager

If you are interested, please send your CV to Marion Micoud
Email:  [email protected]