Shangri-La Hotel Paris

A real cocktail book for Le Botaniste bar






CBA imagines all the names of the Shangri-La Hotel cocktails and designates a book for the menu.

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/ Background

Shangri-La Group introduced its first European hotel in Paris in 2010, and settled in the former private mansion of Prince Roland Bonaparte, the great nephew of Napoleon I. At the time, CBA worked with Shangri-La to create the new visual identity of the restaurant, and to imagine an elegant connection between the prestigious past of the hotel and the unique experience offered by the Chinese hotel chain.

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/ true vision

Today, Shangri-La Group decided to relaunch its cocktail offer, and CBA had the great opportunity to work with the brand once again. For its cocktails, Shangri-La imagined something bigger than just a menu, something more memorable. The brand and CBA therefore thought of a book, presenting 15 cocktails created by the hotel chain, in a beautiful and refined way.

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/ creative expression

CBA imagined the names of the cocktails (by tasting them all!) and created the visual identity of the book, inspired by the origins of Shangri-La and by the atmosphere and historical dimension of the place.

Rolland Bonaparte was the owner of the biggest European Herbarium, and CBA therefore decided to use reproductions of plants and herbs, adding punchy and offset colors to them to keep a humoristic and free spirit. The names of the cocktails were although thought in this spirit, using puns to illustrate the personality of the drinks. A “Lady Galanga” anyone?

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