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Design of the strategic platform, positioning, territory of expression, storytelling, concept messaging, naming, logo, and visual identity for Vlora Marina.
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A newborn destination in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Vlora Marina is one of the first premium marinas in Albania, with the potential to become the top marina of the country. Strategically located between the Adriatic and Ionian seas, it combines a contemporary architecture, and a unique cultural heritage with the richness of its natural scenery, stunning sea views and unmatched climate of over 300 sunny days a year. A brand-new premium urban development that turns the city of Vlora into the most dynamic epicenter of the region.

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This world-class destination offers its community, both visitors and locals, a lively and modern environment with a wide range of services, activities and commodities to choose from and enjoy alone, with friends or family. Its unique cultural and historical heritage, praised for the gastronomy, nature, tradition, and hospitality bring to life the authentic experience of Vlora Marina.

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The starting point for the creation of this new brand was to define the brand's strategic platform, embodied in its brand manifesto:

“We celebrate life every day. We are restless for movement and adventure, but also gentle enough to make you feel at ease and comfortable. Here you can let your worries vanish with the warm breeze. This is where the air is salty and sweet memories are made. So set sail for new beginnings, new tastes, new perspectives, new possibilities.

You will live, experience, unwind and, above all, enjoy the day. And when the sunset melts in the skies, be sure there is a lot more to come. Maybe in your next visit, maybe every day. Here you are reminded of what really matters in life: human connection, experiences, delicious tastes and beauty of all sorts. It’s the meeting point of heavenly beaches, natural wonders and a sense of living history, in a place that combines past and future, traditional and modern.

In Vlora Marina there is so much to discover, and it still feels like home. Inspired by the sea and guided by the winds, we invite you to let the good times come in waves.”

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The uniqueness of the double reading for the V+M monogram leads us to the brand's core values: vitality, authenticity, accessibility.

A distinctive and recognizable logotype that represents the brand and its narrative. Floating in the air, the icon is inspired by the movement of the Mediterranean breeze. Its minimalist composition is related to the Albanian vivid red color, with the emblematic flag that draws a sense of community and clearly embodies the nautical world.

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The Vlora Marina wordmark has been designed based on a custom typography, which allows it to have a clear differentiation, and personality. The elegant and fluid typographic gestures convey the brand’s new identity, accompanied by a wave that highlights the headlines and keywords of the editorial pieces.

A dynamic composition that allows the brand to expand itself and set sail to new beginnings.

The color palette lies at the heart of the brand's identity.

Vlora Marina expresses its personality through modern colors that represent the codes of the marine life and bring vitality to the visual language, with a blue that reminds us of the shades of the sea and a vivid red that connects to Albania, along with a touch of gold for premiumness.

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The graphic language is inspired by the constant movement of the sea and the winds.

Made of lines and wavy elements that appear throughout all the brand expression, allowing a clear recognition in all touchpoints.

This new visual identity is adopted across all physical and digital assets, where the movement and dynamism symbolized by the sea and the winds invite us to experience the lifestyle that Vlora Marina represents.

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From the brand platform to the visual identity, the narrative built for Vlora Marina is able to express its personality and establish a genuine connection with people. A new image that highlights the elegance of one of the first premium marinas in Albania, while preserving its bond with the sea, the cultural and historical heritage of the city of Vlora. 

A slice of Mediterranean experience where the past and future come together.

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