The new editorial bet to talk about design

CBA Design in the first launch of Gràffica+

Last March 2020 Gràffica+ was launched, an editorial bet to create and offer exclusive content related to the world of graphic design, creativity and visual culture. With the aim of offering monthly reflections on a particular theme, the first issue of Gràffica+ focuses on the evolution of the designer’s profession and where it is headed, under the title The designer is dead.

A special issue dedicated to explain why the profession of graphic designer no longer exists – as we know it today – and to provide the keys to understanding how it can be reinvented in a sector that is constantly evolving. To this end, a series of interviews, reports and opinion articles were carried out with the participation of iconic professionals from the world of creativity and design, such as Neville Brody, Ian Anderson, Malika Favre or CBA Design’s general manager in Spain, Sandra García, among others.

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Part of the interview with Sandra for the generation of this content highlights the sector’s evolution, as well as the importance of the relationship between people and brands to connect from truth and authenticity. After all, design is empathy, and that is why the designer of the future is moving towards a much more emotional point, towards relationships. “Society is demanding more truth, and therefore designers are going to have to be simple within the complexity of what we are experiencing, and more emphatic in the way they express themselves, of telling stories that matter to people. More simplicity in a time of great saturation.”

You can read the full interview at Gràffica+.