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We are hiring! Looking for a Creative Director to join our team in Istanbul!
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Created in 1982 in Paris, CBA is a global design agency with 15 offices around the world. Our story is all about people; we gather and foster passionate and creative people all around the world. Developing multiple synergies within our network is our strength to bring your brand to life!

Our moto? We believe in design as a transformative tool. For us, it’s always a force for good that’ll make a lasting positive impact. Our international crew shares a passion to create cutting edge design, enabling it to work its magic and transform brands into forces which empower consumers.

What we do? We create positive brands and businesses that engage and empower people in meaningful ways. As designers, we use our craft strategically to give brands extra value. We do this by defining and creating unique expressions and experiences, positioning them to become drivers of change.

How we do it? We work on the essence of the brand by activating our expertise at its service. We elevate brands with creative and innovative offers such as Critical Imprint® and Sprint Mode™.

We are a Brand with Heart.
We Brand with Heart.
We create Brand with Heart.

Creative skills.

  • Strong aesthetic sense and intuitive understanding of what makes a well-crafted piece of design.

  • The ability to create and direct strong concepts or help the team to develop conceptual thinking from their work.

  • Build powerful client presentations reflecting a range of thinking, from comfortable to uncomfortable solutions.

  • Works to set and maintain the creative standards of the company.

  • Applies innovation and creativity to each project. Actively participates in design critiques and always brings ideas “to the table.”


  • A passion to inspire great design and ideas in a team environment.

  • Creates good team spirit and a fun, creative environment.
  • Coaches team members in the process of creating clean, accurate design files (including naming conventions, layer etiquette clean, understandable files, hand off to production).


  • Adheres to studio process, ensuring it is followed by all team members.
  • Work with Scheduling Director to look for talented Freelancers to help on a day-to-day basis and keep an eye out for potential new full-time talent.

  • Effectively works with Project Management to ensure efficient workflow and consistent communication with the client.
  • Delegate creative work across team, ensuring all work is fully covered
  • Works with Project Managers to ensure that team adheres to given timelines/deliverables.


  • Great presentation skills.
  • Works to build open and trusting client relationships.
  • Listens and tries to understand client challenges, involving other members of the team into the discussion as necessary.
  • Helps educate our client to our processes that get us to great branding solutions.
  • Inputs ideas to the company, studio and culture, beyond project-based creativity.

Requirements and qualifications.

  • Able to lead and inspire the team, clients and external parties

  • Must be very comfortable communicating with international teams so fluency in English is an ABSOLUTE MUST

  • Minimum +5 years of experience, preferably at agency

  • Good at evaluating creative work; able to give and receive feedback to support its development

Please send your resumes to [email protected] to apply!


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