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Enlightenment & Progress






CBA Istanbul has developped a new brand identity and brand architecture for the leading group Doğuş ; branding reflecting the essence of the brand.
/ Background

Reflect the Group's vision & essence

Founded in 1951, Doğuş Group is among the most successful conglomerates in Turkey and is taking firm steps towards becoming a global player.
Doğuş Group, active in six core businesses from automotive, construction, media, hospitality & retail to real estate and energy, sustains its growth with new investments in the areas of technology, sports, and entertainment along with its current operations. With 300+ companies and 19,000+ employees around the globe, the Group serves its customers with advanced technologies, highest brand quality and a dynamic human resource.

Doğuş Group partnered with CBA Design to revisit its visual identity. It was important for the visual identity to reflect the Group’s new vision and its’ contemporary, dynamic essence.

/ creative expression

& Progress

Created by CBA, “Enlightenment & Progress” became the new signature for the Group’s visual identity.  Evoking radiance of the Group through a metaphor of light as a “source of inspiration and energy”, revealing the very best in each initiative and stakeholder. 

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The identity has been entirely rethought, with a logo symbolizing the sun to represent light as a source of inspiration and knowledge. Previously composed of visually independant brands and companies under its Group umbrella, the new visual identity system was brought to life with a restructured architecture with different color codes representing each and every one of the Group’s initiatives to enable a successful homogenization.

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