The perfect match





The Love Affair between Chocolate and Pistachio.

/ Background

One of the lovemark brands of Turkey

Damak is a unique recipe of milk chocolate with pistachio.

Damak is positioned as a mass premium brand in the tablet chocolate category with a unique recipe, strong brand equity and long heritage in the Turkish market.

The key aspect of product experience is a balanced combination of chocolate and pistachios.

The core target group is adults and university students who are selective, have refined taste and differentiate the taste of Damak.

Damak has launched a new format, gifting format of the chocolate tablet. Gifting is a very important market in Turkey as people offer sweet products to each other when they are invited or during religious feasts.

/True Vision

Damak is described as chocolate for pleasure. It is more special/ intense than regular chocolate, something specifically craved for that needs time and concentration to enjoy relish and has a ritual. It is consumed mostly to enhance pleasure mostly individually.

/ Creative Expression

The celebration of a unique taste

Damak brand image is associated with high & consistent quality, described as ‘classic’, ‘elite’ and ‘trustworthy’. The concept for the gifting category: It is a pleasure for us to be together with our beloveds on special occasions. 

New Damak Format, brings to perfection the unique taste of the legendary combination of chocolate and pistachio into a form of delicious individual pieces. Presenting this delightful treat to people you care, you will express your feelings as special as you wish. New Damak is a special treat for your beloveds to turn every gathering into a celebration. Graphically we use beautiful ingredient visuals in a simple minimalist and premium way on the white background.

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