V Block & Aware Collection






Paşabahçe trusted CBA for the packaging design of 2 of its flagship products; The Aware Collection and The V Block.
/ Background

A lovemark recognised for high quality

Founded in Istanbul in 1935, Paşabahçe is one of the world’s leading glassware companies.

A long term partner of CBA Istanbul, Paşabahçe is recognised for the high quality and superb designs of its products. Paşabahçe is a lovemark brand with 6,000+ employees and a footprint in more than 140 countries around the world.

/ True vision

The famous glassware compagny challenged CBA on different issues, in particularly with:

  • The packaging design of its truly innovative and groundbreaking new glassware, V Block.
  • The development of their first 100% recycled glass and recycled packaging design for its Aware Collection.
/ creative expression

V Block

Packaging that matches an innovative product

VBlock Web 11 min

A special antimicrobial coating tecnology brought to life the world’s first ultra hygenic glassware to prevent growth of microorganisms on glass surfaces. With its special formula and unique application technique, V Block provides 24/7 hygiene to consumers and HORECA businesses.

The design strategy developed for V Block has in its core the representation of a high-tech innovation. The color codes of blue and silver have been selected to communicate the ultra hygiene delivered by the groudnbreaking technology, while the linear, geometric rays behind the glass represent the 24/7 protection provided to the consumer. 

VBlock Web 10 min

Aware Collection

For those who are aware of every print they leave on mother earth!

A 100% recycled glass collection needed to be complemented with a sustainable packaging design therefore 100% recycled paper was chosen as the main material reinforcing Pasabahce’s responsibility.

121020 CBATurkey Slider Pasabahce 1

The simple design conveys the information in a straightforward way and the vivid but natural color connects the product to a younger and active audience. The bold drops on the background endorses Pasabahce’s commitment with great quality.

100920 CBATurkey Pasabahce 5 Sag
100920 CBATurkey Pasabahce 5 Sol