Peyman bahçeden bars

From the garden






CBA collaborated with Peyman, a long term partner of the agency, on this delicious project to redesign packaging for Bahçeden Bars.

Communicate on the functional benefits & standing out on the shelf

Peyman, a long term partner of CBA, is one of the leading names in dried nuts & fruits both in Turkey, their homeland, and across export markets.
We collaborated on this delicious project to redesign packaging for Bahçeden Bars.
The objective was to re-create Bahçeden Bars to clearly communicate on the functional benefits in line with its range, while successfully standing out on a highly cluttered shelf.

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From the garden: authenticity, naturalness & deliciousness

CBA capitalised on the brand name BAHCEDEN, which in Turkish means “from the garden”. It was important to leverage on the very important message of “naturalness”.

uplift on the logo had already been done while we were working on Bahçeden dried nuts and fruits. The idea behind the new logo was to emphasize the authenticity and the naturalness via irregular, raw typography, placed on a green background to represent the “garden and nature”

A strong apetite appeal was delivered via the focus on the
“naked” product, real life bar photography as main key visual on packaging. The product is represented in a natural, raw depiction to suggest spontaneity, naturalness and deliciousness. The use of consistent packaging structure and a colour-based differenciation created a strong and recognisable visual system