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Photography and design, two different things? Yes… but not really! If you thought that these two fields were unrelated to each other, get ready to be surprised.

Photography & design, is it a match?

Photography and design, two different things? Well… not really! If you thought these two domains were unrelated to each other, get ready to be surprised.

Even though photography remains a distinct art form, it practically serves the same purposes as design.

There’s no need to separate them, as photography often becomes an integral part of design and also plays a fundamental role in its service. 📸

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/ a communication tool

Photography extends far beyond mere moments captured; it embodies an authentic visual language that breathes life into visual narratives! For brands, it’s a golden opportunity to engage with their audience, igniting powerful emotions, arousing curiosity, and leaving a memorable imprint in the minds of individuals.

Let’s focus on EU in my region carried out by our teams in Belgium in collaboration with the European Commission. Its mission? To bring to life the various activities and campaigns initiated by the institution under a single unified brand umbrella.

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The agency has chosen a yellow framework, present across all communication mediums, which highlights the population, landmarks, or projects of the regions they showcase.

Photography reinforces the statements of the European Commission, allows visualization of the causes it champions, and triggers an emotion of pride among Europeans. 🇪🇺

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/ an awareness tool

Beyond emotions, photography serves as a conduit for relaying information. Brands, institutions, or associations don’t hesitate to use photography to shed light on social or environmental issues and communicate their missions to encourage action. It plays a crucial role in raising awareness around topics such as poverty, natural disasters, conflicts, pollution, deforestation, and many more.

Citizens become aware of these issues when they see them “in real life.” Photography has the power to touch the core and evoke emotions… capable of triggering action!

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Let’s focus on the French foundation Pure Océan, for which CBA has developed the branding and packaging design for its new initiative, the Goutte Bleue (Blue Drop, in French). Its mission? To contribute to the fight against climate change while preserving marine biodiversity.


La Goutte Bleue? It’s a bag made from recycled materials designed for collecting waste on beaches, in cities, in the countryside, in the mountains… before it reaches the sea.

Impactful photos of waste, like plastic bottles or masks in the sea or on the beach, enable the visualize the human impact on the marine ecosystem, and raise awareness among conscious consumers about environmental issues.

A wonderful initiative, isn’t it? ♻️

/ an empowerment tool

A powerful tool of visual communication, photography provides the opportunity to highlight and celebrate the richness of human diversity in all its forms. By focusing on commonalities and differences that constitute the uniqueness of each individual, brands harness photography to raise awareness about stereotypes and promote inclusion. In short, it empowers us anew!

UNILEVER, for which our offices in Singapore, London, and Paris collaborated to develop the new visual identity of one of its flagship feminine hygiene brands, LUX, truly understands this!

The goal? To inspire women to rise above sexist judgments and express their beauty and femininity… unapologetically! ✊


Strong, multifaceted women lie at the core of the brand. These women exude confidence and glamour, rejecting being defined or confined by their beauty.

The featured faces mirror the Millennial and Gen-Z generations, which the brand addresses.

By showcasing a range of authentic faces, photography undoubtedly contributes to a better representation of society… in all its diversity!

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