Chaplin's World

An incredible time travel






CBA imagines a graphic style based on a brand platform, an identity and a visual charter for this new venue dedicated to a cultural icon

/ Background

A unique place for a sensory immersion in the world of Chaplin

Among lakes and mountains, are being opened to the public the doors of the mythical Manoir de Ban, the family property where the actor lived. A unique place that proposes an incredible journey through time, based on the symbiosis of cinematographic, multimedia and virtual universes. A sensory immersion into the world of Charlie Chaplin to live the emotion of the encounter with one of the most recognized artists of the 20th century and the celebrities who marked his life.

Creating a new identity without distorting the whole Chaplin’s universe? A major challenge CBA had the chance to take-up!

CBA Design Chaplin 01 Website
/ True vision

This atypical place, rich in history and adventure, chose CBA to rethink its visual identity and graphic territory, both more modern while respecting the unique universe of the cultural icon.

Creating a new identity without distorting the entire Chaplinian universe? A major challenge that CBA was lucky enough to meet!

CBA Design Chaplin 02 Website

In order to make Chaplin’s world by Grévin a reference brand on the cultural entertainment market, we had to ensure its immediate recognition in Switzerland as well as abroad.

CBA came up with a graphic style derived from a launch pad brand, an identity (logo design, graphic guidelines and declination guidelines), and a visual and colorial territory which highlights the human being and makes rediscover the intrinsic features of Chaplin’s heritage (the illusion, the timelessness, the artistic excellence, the humor and emotion, the power and the magic artwork).

CBA Design Chaplin 03 Website
/ Creative expression

A face-to-face meeting with the icon

The chosen concept, « face to face », plays on the various aspects of Charlie Chaplin’s private and public life: the creative idea comes into a surprising iconographic language that revealed both the human being and its character in his whole complexity and complementarity.
The logo design plays subtly on the syntactic proximity between Charlie and Chaplin: the purpose was to invite the spectator to change his perspective.

CBA Design Double Image 1

A modern and unique graphic universe in line with the cultural icon

The graphic style must be read as a dialogue, proposing a vocabulary of forms, rounds and original typefaces, inspired by Chaplin’s universe.

The color universe is simple and contrasting, an alternation of black and white, a nod to silent films; in combination with a symbolic added color, a copper showing the discreet elegance and sophisticate wealth of its artwork.

Charlie Chaplin™© Bubbles Incorporated SA

/ Results

Our work for Chaplin’s World has thus won the Mention Grand Prix Stratégies at the Grands Prix Stratégies du Design 2016