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CBA Design is partnering with Cojean, the French healthy fast-food restaurant chain, in the evolution of its graphic territory, the redesign of its identity system, and the retail development for its Parisian restaurants.
/ background

Founded in 2001 in Paris by Alain Cojean, the French healthy fast-food restaurant chain is known for its sustainable hot or cold dishes, to be enjoyed in an elegant setting or for takeaway.

As a certified B Corp company, Cojean offers French-origin, organic, and nutritionally rich products, while actively committing to zero plastic waste.

In order to best reflect Cojean’s values and CSR commitments, CBA has taken charge of several key aspects of the brand’s development, with the aim of:

  • evolving its graphic territory,
  • redesigning its identity system,
  • developing the retail concept for its Parisian restaurants.
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/ true vision

To reinvent the Cojean of tomorrow.

The objective of this comprehensive redesign was to transform the brand through:

  • a vibrant and colorful graphic territory for a contemporary visual identity,
  • a thoughtful identity system to effectively convey the values and CSR commitments,
  • an innovative retail concept for a unique customer experience.

The goal was to position Cojean at the top-of-mind in the French fast and healthy food market, meeting the expectations of health-conscious consumers who care about the environment and the quality of their culinary experience.

/ a colorful branding

Freshness in your dishes.

To add more vibrancy, color, and freshness, CBA has reimagined Cojean’s graphic territory while highlighting its commitments: the use of organic ingredients, the ecological footprint of the brand, waste sorting, and the donation of unsold meals.

/ A moving PACKAGING

An attractive graphic territory.

The color palette choices evoke the freshness and vitality of the organic ingredients used in the culinary preparations of the brand.

The organic and rounded shapes suggest a natural and caring approach, while the modern typography reflects the contemporary image that Cojean conveys.

/ conveying key messages

An identity system that reflects the CSR commitments.

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This new visual identity is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a powerful communication tool. Through strong graphic elements, Cojean effectively conveys its message of commitment to environmental and health-conscious values while encouraging consumers to join this cause.

cojean bio
cojean main 1
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fleche cojean

Through powerful messages and representative pictograms, the brand strives to go beyond the culinary experience and positions itself as a responsible actor, caring for the environment and the well-being of all.

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/ a lasting-impact partnership

What if beauty had been in our dishes?

cojean aime

Cojean has partnered with the vegan and made in France cosmetics brand Aimé for a unique collaboration, based on the significance of nutrition and healthy eating.

Thus, CBA has designed a colorful and shape-filled branding to promote the innovative concept of Beauty Food.

The result? A healthy and delicious menu, enhanced with Aimé’s dietary supplements for even more well-being and beauty benefits.

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/ an immersive customer journey

A retail concept that asserts the brand and its values.

CBA supported the brand in evolving its restaurant concepts into welcoming, warm, and distinctive spaces, as part of its constant quest for reinvention and to modernize and renew its existing retail concept.

The idea? To restore Cojean’s image as a pioneer in the industry, both in terms of food quality and dining spaces, showcasing a unique identity particularly tailored to the restaurants located in Paris.

In order to bring significant differentiation to the restaurants, the agency had to address several challenges in the reinvention of Cojean:

  • introducing more diversity in the expression of the brand at the locations,
  • infusing more warmth into the retail space,
  • addressing certain aspects of the customer journey, including signage and product showcasing.

CBA’s approach was to reaffirm the brand and its values throughout the entire customer journey. To meet the changing expectations of consumers regarding space design, the agency emphasized the development of zones with different ambiences, thereby creating a unique and flexible experience.

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nouveau magasin cojean
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The redesigned interior harmoniously blends with Cojean’s graphic territory, creating a consistent and immersive experience for its customers.

/ results

In this context, the agency developed:

  • A dynamic graphic territory, resulting in fresh, innovative, and vibrant packaging.
  • An impactful identity system, reflecting the brand’s CSR commitments.
  • A unique retail experience, extending the brand’s essence into the architectural concept and enhancing the customer journey and product showcasing through digital integration.

An experience to be savored without moderation, at any time of the day!

Following the evolution of the graphic identity and the development of retail concepts, CBA Design was awarded a TOP/COM Gold Award in 2022 for the Cojean achievements.

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