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Volkiland is a Swiss-based shopping center owned by La Coop. It brings together more than 50 stores over an area of ​​27,000 M2.

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A true experiential destination of proximity and variety.

Volkiland is a Swiss-based shopping mall, owned by Coop. It has more than 50 stores covering an area of 27,000 square metres. Although it is ideally located, Volkiland suffered from an image problem, which led to a growing number of empty shop units.

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How can it become a destination for the entire family? 

How to transform a place people merely passed through into a true community destination filled with a variety of unique experiences?

A day-to-day study was conducted by CBA in order to highlight the collective values unique to Coop. The features of the traditional shopping mall were completely updated and enhanced to make it a popular space for socialising and enjoying with friends and family.

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The decline in the number of visitors to the Volkiland shopping mall made Coop consider the need for modernisation. CBA was chosen to revamp and revitalise the space, both in terms of its structure and content, leading Volkiland to offer new features and services in the future.

CBA first tackled the brand’s website by envisioning it as a tribal trail relating to the family ‘tribe’ through the use of geometric, dynamic graphics, reminiscent of Native American tribes.

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CBA then took on the challenge of the location itself: old, hangar-style units with uninspired layouts. The agency chose to capitalise on these by creating a visually modern atmosphere, as well as through the use of plants and natural materials, both indoors and outside. The lack of daylight in these units was also a complex issue, resolved by incorporating skylights to let in natural light.

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Volkiland’s signage was completely revamped and streamlined to revitalise the entire complex, as well as to showcase the location’s new array of features: food, gardening, DIY, and also the perfect place for socialising! CBA also designed a central food court, where different restaurants bring together people of all ages.

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Following its modernisation, Volkiland became the most innovative family shopping mall in the Zürcher Oberland area, with the widest range of shops and brands.