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CBA has developped a global redesign of Naturalia’s visual identity and implementation on all the packs

CBA Design Naturalia 11 Website
/ Background

An organic alternative in the heart of the cities

Since 1973, Naturalia has been striving to offer an organic alternative in the city.

By focusing on its values of responsibility, transparency, diversity and boldness, the brand wants to give everyone the chance to do their bit on a daily, sustainable basis to help preserve the environment.

/ True vision

Naturalia has enlisted CBA to help with a global redesign based on their original values: a brand that advocates leading a free and organic lifestyle – your own way.

CBA Design Naturalia 04 Website

/ Creative expression

The visual design is based on the brand’s genetic makeup – being bold and unconventional – and it stands out from other private labels and organic brands.

CBA Design Naturalia 08 Website
CBA Design Naturalia 10 Website
/ PAckaging

The new packaging is available with an earthy sienna red background, which is the primary identifier of the brand. This color can also be found in Naturalia’s logo and on the front of its stores.

The slogans highlight the added value of the products, which are in turn complemented by illustrations to create a unique concept for each pack. The design uses simple, monochromatic drawings inspired by the 1970s, the decade when Naturalia was first launched and was already promoting ways to u0022eat and drink betteru0022. It reflects the spirit and tone that the brand has been establishing through its various communication media since 2007: a happy and free organic lifestyle.

Naturalia packaging dans une caisse

More than 40 products have already been redesigned from the existing 150 products, and an additional 150 new products will gradually expand the range between now and 2020.

CBA Design Naturalia 09 Website

In April 2019, CBA won Gold at the 33rd edition of the Grand Prix Stratégies du Design in the Branding / Packaging category thanks to its work for Naturalia.