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CBA imagines and designs Pour de Bon’s UX design for an optimal online experience

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A marketplace at your fingertips

The Pourdebon marketplace puts producers and artisans from all over France in contact with consumers looking for the country’s best local produce.

It is now possible to shop from your sofa for produce from every corner of France, and have it delivered to your door as one single order.

Pourdebon asked CBA to design the website for its new marketplace.

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/ true vision

This is a marketplace for people who want healthier produce from more transparent sources, as well as for socially responsible consumers wanting to give their consumption habits more meaning. The website allows users to order the best French produce, via local distribution networks, to be delivered to their door at a specified date and time.

The website currently offers 4,000 products from around 100 French producers rigorously selected by the Pourdebon team on the basis of official quality criteria (AOP, AB, Label Rouge, Médaillé, CCF) and their eco-friendly and artisanal production practices. And the number of products and producers will continue to grow.

It offers producers a one-stop online sales, collection and delivery tool for a single fee.

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A turnkey tool for producers

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The website offers a consumer experience comparable to that of a farmer’s market. The navigation is by specialism (butcher, delicatessen, cheesemonger, grocer, winemaker, fishmonger, etc.) in order to put the emphasis on people and their expertise. Other search criteria include region, quality label and appellation. The producers or artisans with the best score in their category, based on consumer feedback, are highlighted.

The consumer can take the time to learn about the products of the artisans they choose, view photos and read testimonies. They can contact the producers to ask them questions about their products. They then fill their basket with produce from one or several of them. They will receive everything they order in one single delivery on a day and time of their choosing.

As well as an integrated blog, Pourdebon develops media content for its producers and artisans: photos, videos, testimonies, meetings, etc., which they can then use to engage with consumers.