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CBA has collaborated with Sol’s for the revamp of its brand platform and the deployment of its new visual identity on its main sales tool: its product catalog.

Sol's étiquette
/ Background

In a world rich in individuality, SOL’S allows brands as well as individuals to have the freedom to express themselves and reinvent their uniqueness. Since 1991, SOL’S has been creating and developing all types of virgin clothing and accessories that are designed to be personalized.

Focused on values of proximity, inventiveness, openness and agility, the brand makes its expertise and passion available to offer to everyone a range of useful and inventive services.

/ True vision

SOL’S called on CBA to work on the brand fundamentals: redesigning its brand platform, creating its storytelling, its new visual identity and its main communication supports. All this work was carried out with the aim of establishing its positioning as the European leader in promotional textiles.

Sol's Logo avant et après
/ Creative expression

Sol's Amplify your uniqueness

The logo has been lifted to make it more timeless, expert and agile in its use on products, as well as in print and digital communication.

The challenge of the redesign of the visual identity was to transcribe the universe and the new spirit of the SOL’S brand in it. The creative bias was to highlight the promise that the brand makes to its customers: amplify their singularity.

A bright and colorful visual identity was therefore created to make the brand more expressive, dynamic, inventive and full of life.

CBA Design Sols 03 Website

This new identity was fully expressed when CBA completely redesigned the product catalog for the 2020 collection, infusing in it the new spirit of the brand. The catalog is the #1 sales tool for SOL’S sales forces since it presents all the brand’s products, the latest trends and reveals the latest innovations. Therefore, designing its new edition was a high stake for the agency.

CBA Design Sols 05 Website
CBA Design Sols 07 Website
CBA Design Sols 06 Website
CBA Design Sols 04 Website 2 1
CBA Design Sols 08 Website

Thus, the agency designed the new catalog to make the most of it: a simple, readable and efficient tool, thanks to the highlighting of the different categories and technical information (prices, tables, color references, etc.).

The agency has also revisited the catalog’ iconographic style to go with the photographers in charge of the shooting. The brief was clear: expressive, lively models reflecting the new dynamism of the SOL’S brand.