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CBA was entrusted with the renewal of Total Lubrifiants’ visual identity: a human-centred approach bringing to life a unique and distinctive driving experience.
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CBA has been asked to renew the visual identity of Total Lubricants that will be brought to life cohesively on packaging on POS materials across all ranges.

The goal? A bespoke and distinctive visual identity that will live on shelves for the next 5 to 10 years.
Total objective was to become the top choice in automotive lubricants for customers and consumers across the world.

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A human-centric approach

A human centric approach to connect the consumers and professionals with the brand.

The creative concept “Dashboard Experience” is inspired by the digitization of the modern driving experience.

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The "Dashboard Experience" by Total

Starting points were Total Lubricants brand personality and values. After an in-depth analysis of the category, CBA saw the opportunity to create a concept that would break out from Total’s product-oriented competitors.

The human centric approach literally plays off the modern driving experience where the driver is constantly informed and reassured by the dashboard. This was the starting point of a proprietary packaging structure that emphasizes the display of information.
To ensure a smooth roll-out on a global scale, a digital tool was created to train sales staff on the evolution of the brand. Consumers were informed via POS communication tools.

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