The CBA Virtual Exhibition

“What do you want to keep as positive from 2021, and that would breathe new life into 2022?”

To celebrate the new year 2022, CBA is hosting for the first time a free virtual exhibition (and yes, you will be able to download these images for reuse).

An exhibition made by CBA, which was possible thanks to the talents, passions and inspirations of the people who compose the agency. Because CBA is above all a story of people; a story of creatives, passionates and change-makers… 

As the saying goes “images speak for themselves “

That’s why we asked our collaborators to participate by sending us an image on the following theme: “What do you want to keep as positive from 2021, and that would breathe new life into 2022 ?”

Just admire… and be inspired to make this new year a beautiful one!


by CBA


Jeanne Lladeres10 scaled
© Jeanne Lladeres
it's time to unfuck the world
© Brice Prouillac
James Augustin
© James Augustin
Charlotte Tourtoulou
© Charlotte Tourtoulou
kemilia miladi scaled
© Kémilia Miladi
charles louis mazerolles
© Charles-Louis Mazerolles
parade costumes traditionnels
© Cecile Gaspard
arc en ciel
© Cecile Gaspard
Thomas Ferret2 scaled
© Thomas Ferret
Olivier Iserable
© Olivier Iserable
kemilia miladi1 scaled
© Kémilia Miladi


Sarah Najid3 1
© Sarah Najid
Sarah Najid2 1
© Sarah Najid
Sarah Najid4
© Sarah Najid


Jeanne Lladeres7 scaled
© Jeanne Lladeres
Jeanne Lladeres1 scaled
© Jeanne Lladeres
Thomas Ferret scaled
© Thomas Ferret
Anne Henry scaled
© Anne Henry
Jeanne Lladerees3 scaled
© Jeanne Lladeres
© Margaux Lhermitte
Jeanne Laderes6 scaled
© Jeanne Lladeres
Jeanne Lladeres8 scaled
© Jeanne Lladeres
kemilia miladi3
© Kémilia Miladi
cecile gaspard scaled
© Cecile Gaspard
cecile gaspard4
© Cecile Gaspard
So Morin Lofoten islands August202
© Sophie Morin



Jeanne Lladeres2 scaled
© Jeanne Lladeres
WhatsApp Image 2021 12 23 at 15.55.15
© Kémilia Miladi
Sarah Najid1 1
© Sarah Najid