40 years of history, projects and relationships

A preview of our international meeting

CBA was born in 1982: when –  it seems rhetorical to say – the world was very different from how we know it today. Yet, through all these years, the spirit and identity of the agency have maintained their value.

Indeed, it can be said that they have increased it. Branding is, in fact, more and more crucial not only in the life of organizations, but also of people and society in general.

Perhaps this is why CBA’s mission seems more relevant than ever to us: creating brand identities and experiences that, by putting the user at the center, have a positive impact on the business of companies.

To consolidate this heritage, and write the next chapter in the history of the agency – in the light of the challenges and opportunities that the new cultural, economic and political assets present us with – we recently participated in the International Meeting, the summit that regularly rallies the representatives of all CBA offices around the world.

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This year we met and mingled in Paris, where we worked together with colleagues from other cities – Barcelona and Sao Paulo, Brussels and Istanbul, New York and Singapore, Mexico City and London – to collaboratively design the present and the future of ourselves. From the organizational culture to the new business models, from the enhancement of talents to the sharing of products and services, numerous topics were dealt with, each addressed by a multicultural and multidisciplinary work table.

The results? Well, you will see them in the next few months.

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Ça va sans dire, it was also the occasion to celebrate this important anniversary, after two years of forced physical distance.