In 1985 Italo Calvino gave a series of six lectures at Harvard. 30 years later, these lectures are more relevant than ever, guiding us on a daily basis in our work.

This is our tribute to a masterpiece of literature and to its impact on brand design. We have investigated and deepened the six values, then written by Calvino, with a key for branding.

6 values

Lightness becomes the subtraction of a rich and increasingly full of information, a translation of an essential and minimalistic style.

Quickness, as opposed to lightness, describes the need to eliminate all that is superfluous in favor of simplicity.

It becomes more important, in an increasingly submerged world of background noise, the search for exactitude, clarity and precision of information that overhang us, to emerge.

Visibility then becomes a showcase where what matters is to appear, to be an image.

In such a large market it becomes difficult to know how to distinguish and therefore why not be a single identity but with a multiplicity of variations.

Always remembering to bring out the identity on anonymity, without losing the importance that a brand has to have consistency with the promise made

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