A new home for Ariston

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The new brand identity captures the new positioning concept, “the home of sustainable comfort”, through a recognisable, flexible visual language that feels close to the audience. The home is where Ariston lives: a welcoming, safe universe that surrounds and supports people throughout their daily lives.
The new brand positioning designed by Ogilvy was aimed to consolidate the ownership of the brand’s home concept combined with the sustainability of Ariston products, translated through a familiar environment linked to the moments of pleasure that we can experience inside our home.
Work design Ariston 02 Mood

Home is where we feel safe in a welcoming and warm space. Ariston ensures this, thanks to technologically advanced solutions that make reliable home comfort accessible to all families.

Once a static icon, the Ariston house now acts as the central visual element expressing the brand’s key messages. Moreover, the Ariston ideal house is also the connecting element for all the visual expressions on the various touchpoints.

The logo’s icon is closer and better integrated with the logotype. The new design loses the frame enclosing the trademark: this allows a freer, more contemporary and impactful use, not least in terms of sizing.

A slight but fundamental change in the colour choice towards a warmer red coupled with a light to dark gradient confers a more emotional look to the visual language.

Work design Ariston 05 Logonew
Work design Ariston 06 Logo 1
Work design Ariston 07 Gradient

By making the house the central element, the identity maintains a solid coherence and appearance across the board. The symbol is versatile: it acts as a framing object, a lens focusing or a frame highlighting, as the situation requires.

The brand’s open outlook towards the future makes space for a more flexible and dynamic identity. The multiple identity adaptations are designed to meet the different communication needs of the many countries in which the company operates.

The language applies some variations to meet different communication needs without losing effectiveness, whether in physical or digital applications.

The company’s growing commitment to sustainability also finds a specific expression in the new visual language through the extension of the colour palette, including the colour green in the visual assets dedicated to the environment.

Work design Ariston 17 Sostenibilita
Work design Ariston 18 Sostenibilita
Work design Ariston 19 Sostenibilita
"This Ariston refresh wants to establish our brand as The home of sustainable comfort and visual expression is critical to do it. We started from our Italian DNA and our strong belief that every house deserves to be a haven of comfort, to go beyond the physical barriers of the home as a private space and establishes the Planet as our ultimate home that all of us have to take care of with sustainable choices."
Claudia Parlanti
Group Brand & Communications Director at Ariston

Ariston has been operating in the sector of indoor heating and domestic hot water for more than 90 years, today is one of the world leaders in thermic comfort.