Antonio Amato, Antonio Amato returns to its roots

Business needs



Assisting a pasta factory to rediscover its roots by inventing a brand image where the bountiful territories surrounding the southern Italian province of Salerno became ingrained.

The historic company, which had unfortunately fallen on hard times in 2010, needed revitalising. Apart from revaluating its relevance, the business needs included the necessity of restoring its personality and premise, as well as finding a new brand promise.

The inspiration behind the brand strategy came from its territory of origin, a land alongside the Cilentana coastline home to the renown Mediterranean diet, the heart-healthy eating plan that has become one of the most successfully used in the world. Its uncomplicated and instinctive values led to the new brand positioning that is very down to earth. The tag-line: “The pleasure of simple things”, communicates the fact that elementary ingredients can result in the creation of great food.

The visual identity likewise was influenced by local tradition. The hand painted ceramics from nearby Vietri, testimony of Italian master craftsmanship and famous the world over, were used to add a layer of meaningful and respectful immediate connection. Furthermore the energetic decorative motif represents the tiling of a typical southern kitchen adding ulterior interpretation.

2018 03 12 Antonio Amato Packaging Range

This colourful backdrop, with a corporate palette reflecting passion (red), seaside and sky (blue) and the sun/pasta (yellow) enhance the new logo, to which was supplemented “From Salerno”, to further characterise the products’ ancestry. The graphic composition and typography was made more essential, permitting a greater legibility and the more prominent placing of the various declinations enhanced the user needs for clarity and immediate understanding.

This characterisation on the packaging was then applied throughout the brand’s portfolio and to all the brand’s touch points. The same concept was applied to the company’s website, its stationery and also to the stands of the various tradeshows. The project was awarded Bronze at the 2015 Pentawards.

Pastificio Antonio Amato was founded in 1958 and was bought by the Pastificio Di Martino Group in 2012, which vaunts a turnover of €165 million, 150 employees and 7 production plants in 3 Italian regions, producing a total 150.000 tonnes of pasta a year and distributing to 45 countries over 70% of its production.