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We helped All4Labels, the third global player in labelling and packaging, to build a distinctive company culture and increase their authority through branding.

All4labels is a multinational labelling and packaging group active across numerous markets and sectors. The organisation unites several international companies operating in different countries with its own set of values, vision and ways of working.

Management at All4Labels asked themselves one question: how can we communicate our commitment to reversing the current and traditional paradigm of our sectors, and become agents of a sustainable and virtuous system benefitting the future of the industry, the people and the planet?

Answering this question required building a common management culture within the group, making the brand its cardinal element: a constant guide in identifying language, meanings and shared values across the companies.

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The first step was focussing on a structured brand strategy and internal communication. We started listing C-levels’ strategic goals, then moved to the strategic pillars underpinning the brand and the communication. Finally, we defined the infrastructure of the corporate side: vision, mission and visual metaphors.

What surfaced was the identity of a group aiming to be a game-changer in the industry, leading an unmatched digital and sustainable transformation.

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Quoting the first issue of the corporate magazine Insight, achieving this result requires “exploring new worlds, moving towards the unexpected, giving space to imagination, and conquering vast uncharted lands as pioneers”.

The space metaphor and the claim: “Be Unmatched” were the first brand elements coming to life. The wording expresses the ability to constantly raise the bar instead of settling for the status quo, making the business an unbeatable force within and without its competitive arena. In addition, the brand values guide all All4Labels operations every day, both locally and globally.

How can one communicate and make people experience this approach from within the group? How can one make everyone – from Italy to Germany, from Brasil to China – feel involved in the new vision?

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Aligning teams through a journey in stages.

A series of workshops and guidelines allowed us to define some of the main pillars of internal communication.

A bi-monthly company magazineInsight, tells all employees what giving life to company values means, thanks to practical examples. Moreover, the publication shows the deeper meaning of the new vision across every group level.

The Center of Excellence, the “Be Unmatched” operational hub. This space for innovation and technology is crucial for the strategy since it underlines the whole value chain through partnerships and events.

A digital communication strategy to reach and engage clients, prospects, talents and all other targets. This always-on platform aims at strengthening the positioning of All4Labels, thanks to well-defined objectives, key messages and touchpoints.

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Finally, we also took on the role of coordinators of the various stakeholders involved to make all these tools and the subsequent ones constantly functional and cohesive. 

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2022 01 18 All4Labels Case History

We acted as the control room for both the internal and the external communication, aiming to make branding a fertile ground for increasing All4Labels’s commercial value, reliability and authority.

All4labels is one of the world’s leading label companies and a pioneer in sustainable and digital packaging solutions. Its product portfolio ranges from labels and sleeves to tubes and specialties.