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From the identification of the brand platform to the marketing toolkit: a process shared with Gi Group that highlights clarity, consistency and the power of communication.


A multinational undergoing rapid growth has the essential necessity of making its identity clear, not only externally, to its clients and candidates, but also internally, in order to provide guidance in the implementation of operations by local teams in all countries.

A challenge in which we were involved in perfecting the brand strategy platform and the key values, which gave rise to a new focus on the brand’s visual identity and Marketing support toolkit.

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Gi Group is the top Italian multinational employment agency and is one of the main companies around the world offering services connected to this sector.
Active in all fields connected to the development of the job market, from temporary and permanent staffing to training, from executive searches to outplacement, the group operates in over 30 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Applying a combination of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, we explored the vision, the needs of candidates and clients, and the way in which the group is perceived externally.

The brand DNA was tangibly defined in terms of UVP and brand essence in a co-creation session with the key people at Gi Group.

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The brand was analysed to ensure its relevance for both of Gi Group’s targets: candidates and clients. For this reason, it was necessary to define two UVPs in order to consequently find the best expression for both of them, namely the brand’s essence.

The first highlighted Gi Group’s expertise in understanding candidates’ needs and skills, simplifying their search for employment while contemporaneously constructing relations that can generate long-term value.

The second, client-oriented, UVP communicates Gi Group’s well-grounded capabilities in the industries in which it works, and therefore its reliability in finding the right people, while also having the possibility of utilising its flexibility and business acumen.

“The long process that begins with an analysis of client and candidate needs, leading to the definition of our brand characters, unique brand proposition and tone of voice, and to the creation of all the tools required to bring them into being, is the first fundamental step in constructing a love brand”


The brand identity then became the blueprint for the creation of content and communication tools. This gave rise to the definition of the key messages, and their application throughout the various phases of the Customer Journey, both for clients and Candidates.

These contents were developed across a wide range of touchpoints, from posters to DEM, from communications within branches to training tools.

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The objective for the toolkit, which comprises all these techniques, was to be a method based on a strategic approach, but with tangible, direct influence on marketing activities. Not the classic brand manual subdivided into chapters according to subjects, but a complete, flexible tool capable of modulating communications according to different streams, covering all phases of the process of candidate acquisition and customer relations.

For this reason, all the methodologies included in the toolkit were subdivided according to their respective phase of operation, in order to enable local teams to utilise them independently.

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