Refounding Colussi’s leadership

Business needs



Rediscovering the true identity of the beloved Italian brand to establish its legacy and strengthen the brand-consumer relationship.

At the roots of the brand is the inherent goodness of their product: we worked on rebranding to reassure the customers of the unchanged Colussi quality: their products are as tasty and healthy as ever. Our path with Colussi began with designing the packaging system for new line of biscuits but soon became something more. Eventually, we moved to a broader strategic reflection on the brand: Colussi needed to re-establish all its authority in a most crowded market segment.

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Colussi is back to the homes and tables of contemporary families, and it is here to stay. From its former identity of industrial confectionery, the brand is now an authentic interpreter of traditional Italian bakery products.

The values animating the storytelling are rendered through a distinctive visual and verbal language reasserting Colussi’s status as the leading brand synonymous with breakfast for Italians. Colussi’s ability to narrate their new and wholesome output can now shine through as we brought the brand’s legacy to the forefront and enhanced it.

The brand is the hero in this iconic pack, becoming a seal of authority across every product line. The initial ligature recalls the past, making the history of a 200-year-old bakery credible and contemporary; the slanting represents its constant drive towards the future.


The light blue colour – one of the brand’s long-standing visual assets – was changed to a shade better representing Colussi’s traditional flavour of authenticity. The product visuals are contained by a round element, a simple, delicate component designed to convey product characteristics.

cba-work-colussi-05-linea biscotti

The back of the packaging features the brand storytelling where historical images of the company lay next to the narration of the product ingredients.

The visual identity evolves to meet the target and their story for the traditional Nic Nac, small animal-shaped biscuits for children aged zero to three. The back of the recyclable paper pack becomes a game to interact with as kids can colour and cut out the cheerful little animals and their magical world.

cba work colussi 10 nicnac
cba work colussi 11 nicnac

Colussi’s commitment to sustainability – known as “Goodness for the Environment” – is mirrored by a coherent graphic system across all packets and the brand’s main communication touchpoints. The packs themselves have changed their composition, significantly reducing plastic in favour of paper.

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"The creative vision for a specific product range effectively captured the brand's soul leading us to embark on a true brand repositioning project. It was a year of intense work where the team's professionalism was the winning asset for the relaunch."
Agnese Boschi
Brand manager Colussi
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Colussi is a company specialising in the industrial production of bakery products for the Italian and international markets. Founded in 1791 in Venice by Giacomo Colussi, it boasts an entrepreneurial history of over 200 years. Now in its sixth generation, the company has stayed true to the intuition of its founder while staying innovation-driven.