A touch of nature for a lively smile






CBA developped the new visual identity of the brand, highlighting the natural ingredients and different sensations triggered by Colgate Natural Extracts.
/ background

Colgate has an optimistic brand personality, encouraging people to seize the day and smile. At the same time, the company invests in technology to protect and strengthen teeth, constantly dedicated to improving the health and wellness of people.
Colgate Natural Extracts line challenge was to transform the daily oral care task into a thrilling and pleasant experience.

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/ true vision

Translating sensations and emotions into visuals

How to portray this experience of freshness and wellness? How to highlight the different sensations triggered by the toothpaste, together with the functional features presented by the product?
With these issues in mind, the path CBA chose to build the visual identity of Colgate Natural Extracts new line was to combine the best of science with the naturalness of its formula ingredients.

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/ creative expression

A future with reasons to smile

Detox, whitening, protection and cleansing are the functional benefits that the natural ingredients extracts ensure, providing a natural cooling sensation. The packaging redesign bets on a more fluid expression of these features, applying a visual concept that combines real images of the ingredients with watercolor drawings. The soft-shaded, fluid and artistic design provides a soft – yet intense – experience, with flavors such as activated carbon, coconut & ginger and citrus & eucalyptus, spreading over and cleansing the whole mouth.