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Shake Yoggi, Shake the world






Strategic thinking, brand narrative, creation of the new visual identity and packaging design for Nestlé Yoggi, the iconic Portuguese liquid yogurt.
/ context

Turning a vision into a movement.

As a leader in the refrigerated dairy sector, Nestlé Yoggi decided to take its share of commitment and challenge both consumers and itself to actively take care of the planet. With its new claim “Shake Yoggi, Shake the world”, the brand promotes sustainable progress through small everyday decisions that bring about change.

This path begins with the “Positive & Future” concept, which is tangible in its first action: the reduction of its bottle, which saves 28 tons of plastic compared to the previous year.

The challenge is to reflect this new vision through an evolution of the identity that guarantees an instant recognition and, at the same time, reflects the new personality of Nestlé Yoggi: committed, proactive, challenging and conscientious.

In order to do that, the first step has been redesigning the logo by using contemporary codes, such as the simplification of shapes, colors and shades, while preserving its iconic timeless red color. One of the most important changes in the evolution of the brand is the new green leaf that appears in the logo, which symbolizes its concern for the environment and pays homage to the planet. These elements, together with a rounded and organic typography, make the logo more friendly and give a comfortable reading experience.

CBA Design Yoggi 02 210726 132759
CBA Design Yoggi 01 210726 132757 1
/ visual language

From there, we have developed all the complementary graphic language that reflects the desire to create a community and a movement that goes beyond the product.

A set of elements that invites people to think and create conversations, achieved by the freely expression of the brand in all the supports in contact with the consumer, from packaging to communication, revealing an urban, optimistic and stimulating tone.

CBA Design Yoggi 04 1
CBA Design Yoggi 05 2
CBA Design Yoggi 11
/ packaging

The packaging system includes the logotype at the center as the keystone.

Which enables clear brand awareness and freedom to play with graphic elements without losing consistency. Therefore, every variety follows the same structure, but uses chromatic and texture codification, making each product easily identifiable.

CBA Design Yoggi 13e
CBA Design Yoggi 10 1
/ result

In short, a dynamic and empathetic proposal that drives the commitment to design a better world. 


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